First Post–Or the Rationale behind this blog

Back in May, my hard drive just stopped.  Gave up the ghost.   She gave no warning of sickness and since I’m cheap (better: thrifty), I waited a long time until I could get my brother-in-law to fix it.

One of the last pages I viewed before the hard drive’s demise had a great quote on it, now lost to me:  paraphrasing, “In a few years the most important things you will have done today are meet new people and read good books.”

So, without a hard drive or internet connection for a few weeks, and believing that the quote couldn’t do me harm (yes, Pascal’s wager lives!), I began a marathon reading session.  Always a voracious reader, I chose to read odd books, books outside of my favorite genres, books assigned in high school but never read, books recommended as classics but never read, and so on.

So, the purpose of this blog is at least two-fold: 1.  Reviews of books I’ve liked or found thought provoking.  and 2.  Emergent Church ideas, as we begin to launch a new service at our church in Murrysville, Pa.



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2 responses to “First Post–Or the Rationale behind this blog

  1. Jon the Baptist

    Sounds fun – I look forward to lots of fun ideas of things to read!

  2. Great Jon, and I’ve got a load of books to review! Thanks for your interest!

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